Non OECD (Developing) Countries account for

90% of global Population growth,
70% of global GDP growth, and
90% of global Energy Demand growth.

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Of 7.2 billion world population,

1.2 billion have no electricity access.
2.7 billion have no clean cooking fuel.

More than 95% of these are from
Sub-Saharan Africa & South Asia.

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Developing & Least Developed Nations

have an abundant amount
of Energy Resources & Human Capital.

Developed world have

advanced knowledge, skills & technology
to harness these resources.

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The Need is to have Knowledge Hubs

that can holistically contribute
in minimizing the North-South Divide

through intercontinental, regional
and national collaborations.

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In the beginning GOD created
the heavens and the earth.

Let us be Stewards of it.


Empowering Nations for the Future...


We EMPOWER and EQUIP people to be STEWARDS of energy resources and be a CATALYST for sustainable future of mankind


Global benchmark in
KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE for credible STEWARDSHIP of Earth’s energy resources

Genesis Energy Centre in a Nutshell

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Ensuring consistent Ethics in
all our Practices and Outcomes


Creating and offering services
that are Global Benchmarks


Building collaborative partnerships based on Trust, Mutual strengths, Openness and Ethical Engagement


Working together with Mutual Respect, Trust and leveraging each other’s Strengths to create Global Benchmarks


Focused on a culture of creating adequate Family Time and Personal Time to pursue individual passions and interests


Continuously in pursuit of Breakthrough Ideas to offer innovative solutions to our customers


Leveraging our Knowledge and Experience to be inspiring Stewards of Earth’s energy resources

Core Global Energy Challenges

  • Energy Poverty in Developing Nations
  • Energy Over-consumption in Developed Nations
  • Achieving Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Usage for Sustainable Development
  • Energy industry related Environmental Degradation
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change
  • Dearth of Skills in Developing Nations


  • Technology Transfer from Developed to Developing Nations
  • Mobilization of Financial Resources
  • Making markets work effectively for Sustainable Development
  • Encouraging Regional and Global Co-operation
  • Access to Modern Energy Services
  • Greater Impetus to Energy Access in Rural Areas
  • Enabling with cutting-edge Fossil Fuel Technology
  • Research & Development Initiatives
  • Information Sharing & Knowledge Dissemination
  • GEC Integrated knowledge Hub

    Facilitating seamless dissemination of information and sharing of best practices - a Holistic Transfer of Knowledge and expertise from the developed nations to the developing and least developed economies - and thus act as a catalyst in the Asian African Region Energy space overall development.

    Explore each of the aspects given below for more information:

    • GEC serving as a platform for deployment of Global and Synergistic initiatives targeted at the efficient transfer of Knowledge, developing necessary Skill Sets, and building an integrated & interdependent Community for the energy industry.

      GEC Knowledge Hub

      Seamless transfer of knowledge and developing skill sets

    • Asian-African nations possess the Energy Resources & Human Capital, and their rapid growth has ensured sustained Energy Demand. But they lack the necessary Knowledge and Skills to harness their resources efficiently in order to achieve Economic Growth and Social Inclusion.

      GEC Target Markets

      Developing nations in the Asian-African region to begin with

    • GEC as a supporting platform and encouraging facilitator to various governments, multilateral organizations, energy companies, NGOs and others associated with the energy industry spectrum in addressing issues with profound social and economic implications.

      GEC Energy Spectrum

      The supporting platform and facilitator to the energy industry

    Knowledge Development Arenas

    Fossil Fuel

    Renewable Energy & Power

    Across Sectors


    India flag

    Developing a Globally compliant residential integrated energy knowledge hub which would have an initial residential capacity of 400 energy participants at a time with hands on experiences and best of global minds imparting the knowledge and building Global Energy Professionals and well equipped decision makers.

    UK flag

    UK collaboration to identify Solar Power Generation Projects in India above 10 MW and facilitate entry and investment of solar-focus companies from Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and China. Negotiations ongoing with prospective farm in project promoters.

    USA flag

    US collaboration to make GEC a preferred platform for transfer of knowledge & technology to India and the developing world - focus to equip national government institutions on furthering energy issue solutions. Preparatory ground work ongoing.

    Switzerland flag

    Multinational Global Alliance of organizations that will work through the Swiss collaboration to address Global Energy challenges, where GEC will support in India and rest of the developing world. Preparatory ground work ongoing.


    Potential collaborations in certain Sub Saharan African Countries for various knowledge, expertise and technology support for Renewable Energy and Fossil Fuel Development. Dialogue in process.


    Holistic Professional Skill Development

    Targeted at energy professionals from the fossil fuel, renewable energy and power sectors across Operator, Supervisory and Executive Levels.

    Employment-Oriented Vocational Training

    To make ready more local content skilled workforce especially at entry level of blue collar, operator & supervisor level cadre - the bulk of any organization workforce.

    Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

    An integrated and multifaceted platform to address challenges cum opportunities & encourage cross fertilization of ideas for lasting holistic solutions. 

    Specialised Collaborative Initiatives

    Providing specialised consult for unique complex issues and problems - playing the role of a Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) entity.

    Multifaceted Holistic Facilitation Platform

    Serving as a platform / facilitator for governments to market energy resource development opportunities, supporting regional co-operation amongst nations and organizations primarily in the Asian African Region, facilitating energy companies entry into new countries of operation etc .

    Critical Mass Awareness & Societal Impact Programs

    To drive Societal Impact Initiatives in order to address concerns like energy poverty / over-consumption, climate change, sustainable development etc. with special focus on bringing about behavioural and lifestyle changes in society.


    Would include international academic programmes in management and technical streams, an online multilingual learning platform and dedicated infrastructure for specialised testing as well as facilitation for very specific areas of research & development initiatives that benefit the developing and least developed world.

    What acclaimed personalities say

    Dr. Walter Christman

    Chairman and Founding Director,
    Founder and President, GLOBAL STRATEGIC ANALYSIS LLC - California, USA

    The Genesis Energy Centre (GEC) is a capability accelerator seeking to integrate several essential components: knowledge-centric people; adaptive organizations and architectures; and, emerging energy standards and networks to empower innovative energy knowledge development and distribution to overcome energy poverty throughout the developing world and where also lies most of the Global Energy challenges.

    Dr. Ken Gnanakan

    Vice Chairman,
    Chancellor, ACTS Group of Institutions - Bangalore, India (UNITAR recognized)

    GEC is timely and will meet a critical need in the developing world. This integrated knowledge hub modeled for providing holistic energy solutions, will not just touch the poor but also the rich (communities and nations). ACTS and UNITAR will be specifically engaged in the knowledge impartation and research & development initiatives that will empower grassroot level communities - which will soon be making an enriching global impact. Edward Wood is a focussed inspirational leader with vision, passion and energy to make GEC a worldwide reality.

    Dr. Steve Lennon

    Managing Director, SHANDUVAN PTY LTD - Australia
    CEO, SolaJoule Sustainable Energy Solutions - Australia
    Former Group Executive (Sustainability), Eskom Group - South Africa

    The route to address the dual challenges of sustainable development and global equity lies in enabling everyone reach their potential and to then further the social, economic and environmental aspirations. GEC's focus on human capacity to address poverty, energy security through a carbon neutral approach and sustainable development can make a major contribution to addressing these challenges. In particular, it could well be the catalyst to innovative solutions & partnerships which could create a new development path for communities in both developed & developing countries.

    Dison Bosco Okumu

    Corporate Planning & Strategy, Parliament of Uganda &
    Member of University Council, International University of East Africa

    The development of clean or green energy will be the key driver of economic transformation for developing countries and this is specifically relevant to Africa. The initiatives being championed by Genesis Energy Centre is quite relevant to stimulate growth, create employment and transfer appropriate technology to the developing world. I am proud to associate with Genesis Energy Centre and I believe it will add value to public and private sectors in Africa to spur growth and development.

    Stanislaw Zon

    Vice President (Geophysical Services Division)
    - Warsaw, Poland
    Former President and CEO, Geofizyka Torun - Poland

    Pure blood brings good health for our human body; Pure food, water and energy give human beings a better quality of life. A Global platform called Genesis Energy Centre (GEC) coming up in the developing world to share the worldwide knowledge, expertise and technology in order to sustainably develop local energy resource potentials is of great significance. I believe this will act as a much needed catalyst primarily in the Asian African region energy industry and ultimately contribute to improving the quality of life in that part of the world where some of the fastest growing economies exist.

    GEC Profile - Global Network

    Mr. Edward Wood

    Chairman (Founder) & Managing Director, Origin Energy Technologies Pvt Ltd, India
    Member of Global Challenges Forum Foundation (GCFF), Geneva, Switzerland

    Edward is a holistic out of the box thinker on the Energy front. His core objectives - being a Contributor to Energy Poverty Eradication across the Developing World and being a Catalyst for developing Empowered Stewards for the Global Energy Industry.

    He believes, after analysing more than 100 countries in the Asian African Region as well as some of the most advanced developed nations across various regions of the world, that one of the most critical but fundamental input required to bridge the gap between Developing & Developed World is enhanced & sustainable Modern Energy Access. This requires locally available global quality knowledge, expertise & technology across the energy spectrum to be fast tracked in order to harness their Energy Resources as per growth demands.

    Edward holds a Masters Degree in Petroleum Technology and MBA in Finance. During his 20 years of experience in the Energy space, he has worked with respected companies like Halliburton Inc. (USA) and Geopetrol International Inc. (France) at Petroleum Engineer level as well as at corporate responsibilities of President, India Business. Being part of a highly multinational workforce at the seas, deserts, mountainous dense jungle terrain and swamp forests across Asia and Africa - he well understands the sensitiveness of the 3 pillars of sustainability - Economic, Social & Environmental - and its correlation to Energy Access and a Nation's Progress. Apart from Oil & Gas, he has also been briefly involved in Coal Bed Methane, Solar & Wind projects.

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